Top Five Infamous Women In Crime

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While there may be quite a few individuals who view women as fragile, sympathetic creatures, there are actually quite a few women who are associated with heinous crimes throughout history:
1.Lizzie Borden was arrested for suspicion of murdering her stepmother and then her father in 1892, but she was acquitted of the crime in spite of national news painting her as the culprit.
2.The infamous Bonnie Parker, of Bonnie and Clyde fame, was a famed bank robber and car thief killed by police in Read More

Creepiest Criminal Cases Of The Last Century

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The criminal court system is a very busy place because illegal activities are often too tempting for some to pass by. There are the average cases and then there are the downright creepy criminal cases. Some of the creepiest cases involve serial murderers. For instance, the Charles Manson case was at such a creepy level that it has kept people talking for over three decades. He was the first person to be convicted of murder Read More

Criminal justice majors often seek careers in law enforcement as police officers, parole officers or correctional officers. Because of the nature of their future careers, certain classes should be taken to ensure that they perform their job duties to the best of their abilities.

Ethics in Policing

Ethics in policing is a must for all criminal justice majors and is often required by many universities.

In this class, students will learn about how Read More

The Sordid Story Behind Diane Downs

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Diane Downs is serving a life sentence in an Oregon prison after being convicted i 1984 of killing her daughter, Cheryl, and seriously wounding her other two children. Downs drove the children to a rural area outside of Springfield, Oregon, and shot them. She also inflicted a minor gunshot wound on herself in an attempt to make it seem as if someone had attacked the entire family. Her initial story was that a stranger carjacked her vehicle Read More

What Court Cases Acquire The Most Attention?

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In the 21st century, it’s interesting to note that our human nature hasn’t changed much. For some reason, we humans have a tendency to be drawn toward the macabre, which is why we gawk whenever we pass a particularly gruesome accident on the highway. With that in mind, read on to discover just what propels humans to sit up and take notice of certain court cases. Despite the advances of the human race, it seems blood and Read More

Is There Justice For Missing Children?

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Many people question whether or not there is any justice for missing children. While there is not exactly justice for every child that goes missing, there is more being done now to help get these missing children returned safely back to their home. For example, adt burgler alarms, the Amber Alert is a broadcast made for any person under the age of 18 years old who goes missing. When a child is reported missing, the Amber Alert is issued to alarm people to be on the lookout for a child. Every state in the country has their own Amber Alert plan.

National Missing Children’s Day takes place on May 25th each year. It is a day to raise awareness on the number of children who are still missing. While these are some of the initiatives that have taken place to give justice for missing children, there are still many missing children out there. There will never be true justice for the children who have gone missing only to never return again. However, the memory of those children continues to live on through their family members and the people who love them dearly. The missing children in this country will never be forgotten.